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Originally Posted by Epacy View Post
Can you elaborate anymore on this topic?
Both M5 and M6 feel remote and lack interaction, they are fast but there's very little fun to be had driving them. I drove the M6 during this test for a few hundred miles and was bored and had little wish to drive it again. The SMG system is slower than SMG2 in my CSL and does not allow the driver to blip the throttle on downchanges. You struggle to boot it sideways out of a junction, since the torque just isn't delivered strongly until higher up the rev range. It all feels very undriver centric when compared with other M-cars.

The E92 M3 on the other hand feels like it is cut from the same block as the iconic M-cars, however it still relies a little too much on technology and compared to the greats, there still feels like there is a layer of tech in between driver and the road. Maybe that's progress, but I would really like to drive an E92 M3 without EDC and kept as simple in spec as possibe, since I suspect that might be the best way to have it.

So the E92 M3 is close to being great and could easily become one of the greats in a less-GT, more driver focused version.