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Originally Posted by 888 View Post
How close was I??? More info PLZ. thanks for the pics.

1st place was given to the E30 M3 EVO, 2nd to the M3 CSL and 3rd to the E39 M5. The M1 made the final 4 (out of 13) ahead of all the modern M-cars.

The E92 M3 was then compared with the Top-4 to see how it fared, however it was concluded that whilst a great BMW, it was not as great an M-car as the Top-3. These are icons and the E92 M3 would need to raise its game a little further to achieve the same status.

We did feel though that the E92 M3 was the best modern day M-car, way ahead of the M5 and M6.

If you ask me what's missing in the E92 M3, I would have to say it was 'driver involvement' that marked it down. I personally found it a great deal of fun, but when compared to something like the E46 M3 CSL or E30 M3 EVO it is far too remote.

Clearly it does provide a far better balance between daily driver and sports car than either of those two.

A couple of sentences from the text when comparing M3 CSL with E92 M3; "Apart from anything else, it looks the absolute nuts, a drum-taut, hard-muscled object lesson in aesthetic warfare against which the E92 M3 comes across about as tough as a platoon of jelly babies. Sounds awesome too,"

Then a few more when concluding about why the E30 M3 won; "'s the E30 that beats them all. It wins because it does more with less and destroys the idea (apparently at the core of BMW M thinking these days) that if power is good, more power must be better. If that were the case the E92 M3 - which on paper is a best-of-all-worlds solution, with its old-school M5-esque V8, M3 size and supercar pace - would represent the very pinnacle of the M Division's achievements. But the touch of the master belongs to a different era."