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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Get your point Broski, as you always make good ones. FWIW I haven't seen any pics of Robert's build here in a long time. Robert's made mistakes on the forums, but unlike Sticky, he's a man who has the ability to be humble, to recognize some of things he may have said or done in the past went too far, but the thing about Robert is this, he continues to assist and help the community in a good positive way. In fact at all the Airstrip Events, Robert and his family have contributed countless hours, he and his son have done all of the finish line videos that we use in our trailer vids, he is a postive viable influence on the community, but of course not immune from getting a little overzealous at times, lol. As far as Sticky and that thread, it was all planned, those guys knew it would get deleted, and I'm pretty sure any SANE or RATIONAL forum owner wouldn't welcome or allow someone to be represented on their forum that has posted countless vulgar and disgusting comments about you and your forum.

Alex@Gintani has things in the works, and there is more than 1 YSI car, let them be celebrated and discussed here, where it doesn't become a circus. Their dyno #'s should be given major props, but I'm sure they do not want to be associated with someone who on a weekly basis bashes Jason and bimmerpost, or companies and indivduals, that don't support him, with obscene childish comments, who also makes questionable comments about someone's family and their kids. I mean who does this? Never seen this kind of conduct in all my years on the forums. So I don't think most of us are worried that his car is not being represented here, that's his doing.

Get your point, and you're normally dead right, but in this case I think it's a little different, and needs to be put into proper perspective, regardless it's a tough balancing act, and no forum can be right all the time, just like judges sometimes use their own descretion in a ruling. It's not easy but from what I've seen, they do an excellent job here at bimmerpost keeping members in check, but of course there are a few people I wish they would let back, lol. Anyway point taken, hopefully Zim will be back soon and can share more.

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