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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
Good point Broski, but he's not permanently banned, unlike the other member, he'll be back soon.

M33 adds A LOT of good FI information to the community, like many of us, including myself, he can be a little overzealous at times in his opinions, but we all are a little guilty of that at times. I think he'll come back with a fresh perspective on all this. He's actually a really good guy who's helped me out a lot with things. Either way it's a car forum and things can get the best of us I'm looking forward to him coming back and posting more about his VT3.
Don't get me wrong Drew, i'm not saying i have a problem with M33 or this thread at all. I'm just pointing out the flaws of censorship in this forum. PencilGeek is perma banned as well in M3post but you see threads about his car posted by IMG and others regularly. And they don't get deleted, not even closed. But the thread about the other member's car was deleted? The way i see it is either a) Jason just made up an excuse to delete that thread because he doesn't like the owner. b) There were negative talks about a vendor there and that vendor wasn't pleased.

Either way it's a shame. Sticky is an idiot, and is wrong about many things. But he's right about one thing. The biggest help for BB was and is bimmerpost's censorship policy.

Sorry for going OT gentlemen.

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