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Guys, let's compare apples to apples.
No way you can put Tesla S next to 7 series/ A8/ S-class
It's pure media propaganda for gullible people.

I test drove that car and it's very impressive but it's far away from luxury feel of 7 series/ A8/ S- class, I would say miles away. It's much more close to E-class and 5-series but with a bit bigger interior space.

MB starts at 93K , Audi 8 and 7 series at 73K, while Tesla with Navigation and High Power Wall Connector (must have) will run you about 70K+ (after tax credit) BUT !!!! For most of you with Bimmer driving styles Tesla's battery will be drained within 150 miles at the most (for basic model)

So behave and do not drive far away from your home