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Originally Posted by flyzipper View Post
Everyone else is offering advice on supplements, which is what you asked, but regarding your workouts, you said, "This will be done 6 to 7 times a week", and, "working out every day is pretty hard on my body".

Do less.

You need rest time to recover and no supplement will change that.

Supplements by definition fill areas of deficiency. A strict diet would require no supplementation.

Supplements are only beneficial when your diet is less than perfect. A good example would be drinking a protein shake before your workout after work. You may not have time to go home and eat or perhaps forgot to pack a snack so the protein shake would be an adequate supplement instead.

Do not consume yourself with supplements. Everything that works eventually becomes illegal. The things that are legal are the things you can almost always get from some sort of food.

A bottle of cheap multi-vitamins, fishoil, creatine, and protein powder were the only things I ever keep in my house. Even still, they are rarely used unless I have slip ups in my diet.

Short answer: save your money. You can buy a lot of food with the amount some of those supplements cost.