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I am planning to drill the holes in a batch of the inner tubes from the Torin Jack Stands during the week of 10-Jun-2013. If you send me a pair of the tubes from your existing jack stands, I will drill the holes in them and return them for $10/pair. This service is available to customers who are purchasing a set of the jack stand blocks.

You can find my addresses at the Contact Us page of my website.

If you send the tubes via USPS use the mailing address.
If you send the tubes via UPS use the warehouse address.

Please send me a note before shipping the tubes so that I know to expect them. I will send you a PayPal invoice for the blocks and drilling service. Please specify either the blocks with pins, or blocks with bolts.

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Unfortunately, I just did a run of the tubes. So it would not be until sometime in May. Do you know how to disassemble the inner and outer tubes?