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Originally Posted by SouthShoreM3 View Post
Hey all!

I was down there about a month or so ago and met Alex. We had a great time and his TP and Megan exhaust sounds absolutely mean. And it definitely pulled very hard and was keeping up my SC e90 until we get to some higher speeds. We had a great drive and alot of fun. Thank god for my radar detector in one area and Alex's insane vision!

Alot fun down there in the Carolina's I miss that wager and those roads.

Alex if you have those pics post them. That would be the first pic of my car to hit the forums as I literally to stupid to figure out how to post pics and mostly use the app these days for the forum.

Still waiting to hear how the SSK turned out man!!! I still have a rejection sticker and only a few days remaining...uh oh!!
Whats up Andrew! Glad to see you checking in once in a while.

Yeah that drive was still the best time I've had with the car to date. Since then I've added BPM stage II tune, OEM carbon spoiler and rep carbon splitters, and power coated the wheel gloss black. I drive to GMP Performance this Friday morning to have it installed so i'll let you know what I think. I hear it takes some miles to break it in so I'll give it a couple weeks then give my final verdict. I will put about 1k miles on it in the next 2 weeks for sure.

I still remember the sound your car made blowing past me on the back road (while I myself was doing about 120). Sounded so pissed off borderline demonic. LOVED IT! Your car was modded so top notch I was impressed. Shame your not close to meet up again but i'm glad we got to hang out the one time. Can't say enough about your E90...
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