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Pinocchio Wood

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iPhone / iDrive Bluetooth irregularities

Hi EliteM3,

I have experienced exactly the issue you have outlined in your original post. I have a 2009 e90 M3 DCT with iDrive. I first noticed this issue in early may after I updated to 6.1.4 with an iphone 5. Exactly the same. Kept trying to sync contacts to the car, circle rotating, green SOS led popping up ahile screen would say "ending call" and then on the bluetooth screen would connect and then disconnect phone. During call, a high pitched squeal and call would drop out. I tried a friends iphone 4 on 6.1.3 and no problem. Went to Apple demanded a new phone thinking it was the 6.1.4 patch. no luck - apologies to Apple staff who were harrassed. If I sync only favourites and recent calls no problem. I now presume a corrupt contact, so after reading this post/replies have deleted exchange account and will test tonight. Very frustrating. Thought I had a faulty bluetooth module but now are certain it is a contacts issue. Read idrive only handles 1,000. Overflow?