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Interesting. Could appeal to some who feel the M3 motor "lacks torque".

With max torque perhaps available at 2,000 RPM (or lower), the S65 will feel like a LS-variant motor.


Will it be able to retain the 8,400 RPM limit or will it need to limit RPM's to some lower level to prevent out-of-control IAT's at the top of the rev-range?

Will it be available for the DCT transmissions or will they need to be strengthened to handle the gobs of additional torque?

Will there need to be complemetary modifications to aid in traction - like an upgraded LSD or other driveline components to deal with the massive increase in torque at the low-end of the RPM range?

Will it be able to prevent over-heating oil temps at the track on hot summer days?

Can it run on 91 octane?

Has a roots/twin screw blower ever been affixed to a Ferrari, Lambo or other low-displacement, high revving motor like the S65?
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