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Originally Posted by OneRib View Post
Same thing happened to me and I was talking to Lux before I purchased the 6500K. I was trying to decide between waiting for the 5k or getting the 6500k. They recommended 6500K but never mentioned a new version would be out within 2 weeks that would let me select the color. Not cool.

The only thing that saved me is my car hasn't arrived yet and I now will return the 6500K and have already ordered v4.

I agree new versions always come out, but with my specific question and dilemma, a heads up isn't to much to ask for. That's how you get repeat business.
Exactly what happened to me. I am quite aggravated about it to say the least. Did not give me the option or heads up at all. At the end of the day, they make more money because the V4 is more expensive.