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Originally Posted by tightie View Post
anyone can design a kit, bolt it up. that isn't the hard part.

i'm in to see a review on a tune/how many miles they tested the kit/track tested or not.
I don't agree. If you can manage to start the car with a positive displacement supercharger atached to your engine with ITB then you are good. The fuel/ignition/VANOS tuning is a piece of cake compared to what it takes to remove the ITB's and having a happy ECU at the same time. I've been involved in a similar project, not a easy thing to do at all. Props to anyone who did the electronic stuff.

And BTW, from what it looks like it's a roots type blower not a twin screw. TVS is a very efficient blower but i would definitely swap that for a Whipple or Kennebell's latest units. Still, a great achievement supremepower, hope you enjoy your car. I had the pleasure to drive a TS'd S65 (built motor though with a bigger SC) and the experience was just amazing. I had a negative feeling about positive displacements for S65, but now i'm all about ditiching the centriguals.

BTW what's the boost?