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Thanks to everyone for coming out! It was smaller than previous years which was probably a combination of the fact that there was potential rain in the forecast, cruisin weekend in Ocean City, and SoWo. I'd estimate we had about 30-ish cars leave from Rockville, MD, then we picked up six more that joined us from Hunt Valley Cars & Coffee, then picked up a few more in Delware. I think about 20 came down from NY/NJ and probably about the same from PA. I'd guess we had about 100 cars at Tony Luke's.

On the drive up from Maryland a turbo G35 got pulled over but I think he just got a ticket for no front tag. We also lost an E92 3-Series when he suddenly got two flat tires on the driver side. I'm still not sure exactly sure what happened there.

The Gallardo was definitely the hottest car there and got the most attention which is completely justified lol. In Philly there were two extremely loud cars, a C63 AMG and an E92 M3 that ripped it under the bridge when they left which got applause from everyone standing nearby. I believe someone got video but I haven't seen it online yet.

These are just a few un-edited pictures I put up real quick before I can get through them all.