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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
$SPX will pullback 10-15% and go sub 1500 before September.


Timestamp!...I like that...long time no see Vanity.

We are very close to ST/IT top...should see drop, then rise to get all the momo players back in and make slight new high, then a significant pullback...timing is about right...I too see a drop near 1500(maybe abit lower) within next 2-4 months...but then we make new all time highs yet again...odds favor it will be next spring...but modest chance it could happen this fall...depends on how the crazy late coming bulls behave over the next 3-4 months....when mom and pop enter, its the first sign we are near a substantial top...bear will be vicious next year.

The "bear" news will be some made up story serving as the impetus, but the charts are already showing the bear coming...the news will be an excuse...N Korea gonna make some fake noise?......A scuffle with Iran?......Europe going to claim a recession?...but in the end, it will be Bernanke telling us we can no longer have the free crack(i.e.-buying up worthless mortgage backed securities at full price and ending QE officially) on it!

The moves we are seeing in the 3D printing co's and TSLA pretty much says were getting closer to the end....exponential rises....US Dollar breaking out hence the commodities and metals cratering...something has to give eventually.

Now time stamp this! I called for new all time highs a year and a half ago when many were semi-bearish...I am calling for a real bear(later) now when people getting semi-euphoric...the top always comes when you see Dow/SPX related stories on how the stock mkt is a sure thing rah rah rah, esp. in media such as USA Today...thats when you will for it late this year to early next yr...the sheeple will cause an overthrow on the charts before the collapse...but for now, its all clear......I will be calling the DEFCON alerts later.

You guys will be thanking me later haha...unless you are ungrateful ingrates...