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Originally Posted by lsmkr01
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THATS MEEEE hahahahha jkjk
ok ok .. so maybe ill take it easy at the gym...
I like how girls think if they go hard in the gym a strong ripped body is right around the corner. I promise you, you can go hard as possible and you will not get big or extremely lean. That takes extreme dedication, strict diet, and time. I love working out and enjoy talking to others that feel the same. Your body reflects the life you live, to change your body you need to chage your life style. Don't worry about what others think, if you want to get a 6 pack go for it. Its about you and your goals for your body. If your bf is about you he will support and not limit you.

I'd wish you luck but that has nothing to do with it. Keep working hard and you'll slowly get to where you want to be
Aww thanks

Yeah i know it takes a lot of work ive always been pretty fit even since i was a kid.. It hasnt been very hard to see the results from working out either... I am not taking it too serious and im not planning on becoming a figure builder lol
Like i said i dont diet EVER... Even though i eat somewhat healthy i could have like 6 huge meals in a day lol....
So all im planning on doing is just getting a little more in shape and a little more toned.. If i already had a 4 pack from my ridiculous eating habits i figured it wouldnt be THAT hard to go a little further... I might be completely wrong... But i love going to the gym if i could i would go twice a day.