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DIY: Idle Control Device / Valve and Tubing

I have been having similar symptoms with everyone that has had the Idle Control Valve problem (the actual part for the car is called an Idle Control Device, I could not find an actual part for Idle Control Valve when I was trying to look up parts) so I have decided to replace it and also the tubing that connects to the plenum. I will be piggybacking off of the DIY from W/// for the actuator up until actually removing the actuators. Many thanks and credit to W/// for making that DIY.

Parts replaced:

#1 IDLE CONTROL DEVICE:13999941 BMW - 13-41-7-838-024
#6 TUBING:135040 BMW - 13-41-7-839-097

1. Perform all the steps of this DIY except do not remove the actuators (unless you are changing those too).

2. The Idle Control Device is under these tubes where the red circle in the middle. The tubing connects from the Idle Control Device to the plenum and is routed to the right side as pictured.

3. Remove the metal ring clamp that connects to the Idle Control Device from the picture and move this whole line to the side (I couldn't undo the connector on the device so I just moved it out of the way).

4. Remove the connector from the top of the Idle Control Device and the tubing if you will be replacing that. Remove the metal ring clamp from the bottom of the Idle Control Device.

5. After you remove both the top connector and the Metal Ring clamp from the bottom, the Idle Control Device will move more freely. It is only sitting on two rubber grommets at the bottom. You just need to wiggle it around and pull it off the rubber grommets. Here is the picture of the Idle Control Device removed and you can see the 2 metal prongs that goes inside the rubber grommets.

And after its removed:

6. Replace the Idle Control Device with a new one and put everything back into its place and remember to connect all the connectors back to where they belong.

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