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Originally Posted by swamp2 View Post
Are you implying that there are ANY official lap times whatsoever? Didn't think so...

We don't have a time from BMW nor a time from SportAuto - the only two really worth squat. And with all the BMW talk about differences rather than absolutes and rumors of BMW engineers quoting better times than the 911S I would say the time is clearly shrouded in mystery.
Sure the time is a mystery. I just don't believe that there is a mystery to a sub 8:00 min time (hence, my post), because I don't believe it will happen. You probably will disagree with this, but, nonetheless it's my opinion. And, no I am not going to explain in detail as to why; I think anyone here with a knowledge of these cars can understand why I might think what I do. They may not agree with it, but one should certainly understand why.

So, don't worry, the sky is not going to fall because I might have a little doubt that the almighty M3 is not as capable a track car/sports car that some here might think. Right or wrong, it's what I think. It's still a fantastic sports coupe.