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Originally Posted by SES_D View Post
so who's going to beat them? lol
No one. With OKC out, only team that has a chance is Memphis.

Originally Posted by Dkhan23 View Post
Dude, it wasn't full force... Lebrons a big guy he fell like a little bitch and sold the call to the officials and obviously in front of his buddy the one and only worst referee in professional sports Joey Crawford. And birdmans a bitch too trying to shove and prove something
You obviously never been shoved before when you were not paying attention. But it doesn't matter. Lebron and the Heat just advanced to Conference Final with a choking Lebron averaging series high in points with 24 points/ 7 reb/ 8 assist. I'm sure David Stern and the refs helped Lebron score 24 points every game and helped the Heat nearly sweep the Bulls also