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What's up.

Actually I've only raced GT-R's in stoplight races with my 335 and STi. Now I know why I beat them - without launch control there's a lot of lag. I'm sure at the drag strip results would have been very different given that the GT-R's would have the time to set up LC.

My modded 335 would clock 0-60 in real life stoplight conditions of generally between 3.5 and 3.8 seconds on the VBox. My modded STi does it in 3.9 to 4.2 seconds.

I've only raced one stock 545 HP 2013 GT-R and that was at the Ft. Shafter Airstrip event back in March. We did a roll-on at around 40 mph and I put like 4 cars on him even with my windows rolled down (it was hot lol). For the roll-on's I'm pretty evenly matched with the FBO race gas GT-Rs, but the e85 GT-Rs will beat me.

Sorry I haven't done any 0-XXX data with my M3 yet.
Cool, and then sounds like if someone spent $95k - $100k on a sports car, you could get more out of the E92 M3 street performance wise vs. a stock 2013 GT-R. I'm sure the dead start performance would go to the GT-R (since it's hard to put it down 0-60 in S/Ced E92 M3), but that's ok, all things considered.