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Originally Posted by 1MOREMOD View Post
im having issue with suit fit. i am 6 foot and 195-200. i read measurements on alpine star site and bought a 54. got it and the suit fits fine except for in the arms-armpit area. very tight as i have somewhat larger arms from working out. sent it back and got a 56 and have the same issue. I dont really want to spend 1600 bucks on a gp pro suit or whatever its called just so my guns fit! any ideas.
I have exact same issue. I assume you got the SP suit? I got the Black SP Boot Cut suit last year and tried 3 different sizes and finally went with the 56 i think (I'm 6 foot and about 185ish). Suit fits great except shoulders and arms are a little snug. It's feels fine in the race car and is never really uncomfortable or anything..... the biggest PIA is getting your arms out of it after you've been sweating in it for 2 hours. My friends all have sparco's and they don't have the problem. I went with the alpinestars because it is a little more form-fitting and not so bulky like other suits and for that price point it is a very good and lightweight suit.