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Originally Posted by NHman View Post
I spoke with both the Sales Mgr and CA today. The two words that I'll use are cautious optimism. Accordingly, BMW has committed to load my vehicle on the vessel departing on Tuesday. Further committing that it will be at the dealership by the first week of June.

Due to the inconvenience caused by the delay, BMW has offered me an accessory at no-charge. Therefore I'll be getting a carbon fiber rear spoiler installed at the VPC.

I suspect somebody might post "you should've asked for the performance exhaust", that, IMO, would be a bit extreme. In the end, I just want my vehicle.

Kudos to my dealer, being Tulley BMW, working as my advocate and addressing the issue. Four of so weeks until I take possession.
So glad to hear they are taking care of you - if it was me - I would have gone for the gusto and asked for the exhaust - all they could say is "no"

Looks like you will have your car well before I get mine - great news for you.