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Originally Posted by Bmw135er View Post
I have ST brakes also. When I was due for brakes, my SA said they had to be done. So I told them to install them in the trunk if they absolutely had to. Upon pickup, what do you know, brand new factory brakes in boxes in the trunk.
They get paid by BMW when they perform the service for parts and time. Ultimate Service and warranty work is below regular rate, but if they don't do the work they don't get all the money they could from BMW for servicing your ride still under the plan.

I have also found that dealerships will negotiate service costs on out of plan service and repairs. I got 15-20% off the 60K service (at 56K), but I also asked for the diff and tranny to be flushed. The rear calipers had to be rebuilt as the rubber piston seal had cracked on one side so it was quite a big bill!