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Originally Posted by dkosawa View Post
...on my 2009 LMB E92.

I've had my m3 for about 3 months now, and slowly I've been noticing more and more swirl marks and holograms.

I've always used the two bucket washing technique on it. I have grit guards at the bottom of both buckets. I always use high quality clean drying towels, wash mits and products. And I've always applied polishes and waxes by hand.

Not being a professional detailer I can understand how I might have been the one to cause the swirl marks, but holograms?

I talked with Thomas on the phone for a while and he explained to me that most likely the holograms were caused by high speed buffers used incorrectly, and that if they are just now starting to show it could be that the dealer I bought it from masked the problems using glazes (i believe he said glazes).

Anyways, he's coming to my house this Saturday to spend the entire day correcting these issues. I've also opted to have him use Opti-coat instead of using a sealant or wax. I hope he's as good as he says he is. I've done some research on the guy and he seems to have a good reputation amongst the detailing community, and he sounds like he knows his stuff (over the phone). I'll make sure to come back to this thread with before and after shots and write-up a thorough review on my experience with him. I know I've seen threads on here in the past from other Portlanders asking for detailer recommendations. So far he's been great. Very flexible with his schedule, willing to spend time explaining things over the phone, and responds to emails in a timely manner. Hopefully Thomas will prove to be our Portland area hook-up.

Thomas, if your reading this now, make sure you bring your A game on Saturday.
Consider getting the drivers door key hole delete (will match your passenger side). It really cleans up the handle and takes about 5 minutes to swap out. I got mine from IND and was perfectly paint matched for I believe 40 bucks. Paint match reflectors would also do wonders to the front end.