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Originally Posted by IZAGLO View Post
Good luck with the lease transfer..I am sure you will sell the car..But i am 1000% with ya on the auto/DCT/Step or whatever you wanna call it..I sold my paddle shifting little devil a few months back because i feel the same way. I no DCT or whatever is the future for the automative industry bd 6/MT is endangered...But regardless how fast DCT shifts( as fast a a human passes air..LOL) no matter that it's quicker, no matter that you can drink coffee/text or whatever while driving...It still does not replace rowing through the gears and being "CONNECTED"...With a M/T we become part of the car and i love it....I am waiting on the M2 myself so....or M235...


FWIW, I think the auto industry has collectively lost it's direction in the past few years, pushing autos and ultra-high-tech capabilities which essentially cut the driver out if the driving experience. I really believe that in another few years manuals will be "cool" and "retro" again and people will get tired of the barrage of auto-bot technologies. We're still human, and we love to have fun! Who doesn't want to have more fun?
"... but really, you just gotta ... you just gotta turn it all off, boys! You gotta turn it all off and you gotta wreck some tires! That's what M cars are all about, isn't it?"

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