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Originally Posted by Nordstat View Post
Ok, so I switched out my Vred 245/35 and 275/35 for PSS 275/30 and 295/30 today. All I can say is WOW what a difference. My first thoughts after driving around today...

THE GOOD: Incredible grip. Even right off the lot, they stuck to the road like glue. It is difficult to put into words how sticky these things are...especially with this width. Corners, straight lines, whatever. You are not going to slide unless you REALLY want to...or if you are SCed (...soon).

THE BAD: A minor loss in steering feel, and a perceived sense of lessened sharpness when not pushing the car. As speed goes up, the natural M3 sharpness returns, however. Also, the car feels artificially heavy around town, despite the tires weighing approximately the same. Be it good or bad, I think it has to do with a combination of extra grip and extra width (i.e. more road friction).

RUBBING: Fronts - no problem, no rub from lock to lock. Rears - no rubbing under normal driving, hard corners, and launches. Yes, they do rub on the fender liner under full compression, but diligent driving habits will prevent this.

THE VERDICT: Fantastic switch. I cannot wait to see how they handle the extra power of an ESS!

Hope this helps!
I'm running 275 30 19 fronts and 305 30 19 rears with H&R race springs with no rubbing at all even on the track. I dont see how you could be rubbing?