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Backfire / Pop - Does yours? [E92 M3 '07]


does your car backfire (not flames), but makes pops and burble sound
when you rev and lift off from accelerations etc?
Mine does it all the time! Fun as hell, but that can only mean its got
too much unburnt fuel in the exhaust?!

Worry - bad for the engine, something wrong?
And why my oil consumption is so high (another thread?).

First I thought it was my modded x-pipe/backbox but still does it with my box.

My mates '09 DCT doesn't do it at all. Not sure if its a manual gearbox thing
or just my car running insanely rich or something?

Example, like that at the beginning. Its a really loud pop!
Still does it with my exhaust, much deeper sound but hell does it 'bang'.

(Sounds wrong... )