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Cilajet plus

What a waste of money. Had it applied a few days after I got my new BMW and I couldn't tell a difference. Well I take that back it looked like a bad wax job. The car was shinier when I first got it. A few days after it was applied I took it to the beach house and after 2 days outside it had big white spots. It took 3 people washing the car to try to get the white spots off. I'm sure it was the rain and/or salt air. The only reason I got it was because they say with the cilajet plus it is protected if you get dents in your car and you know how you take a risk when you park in a shopping lot. Anyway, I was heartbroken with this product because I waited months for my new car to come from Germany, I even watched the vessel it was coming on. I picked it up as soon as the truck unloaded it at my dealers. All nice and shiny only to have a car that now looks horrible. Wish I knew a way to post the pictures we took.