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Service Aftermath from Schomp BMW of Highlands Ranch,CO

Hi M lovers,
Recently I just took my baby 2011 E93 M3 in for service due to driver side subwoodfer blew out,malfunction steering wheel buttons, AS said parts were not in stock,I had to wait a week or few,for steering wheel bottoms parts ect,gave me a 5 series loaner , 2 days later AS called parts were delay due to shipping company ect ect, then gave a random time call at around 5pm noon(while I was still in shift at work)that,I must give back my loader back to him,he said he needs the loaner back asap!(I was like wtf its 5pm my shift over at 8pm)so I took a 2 hour job off, went to Schomp BMW of Highlands Ranch,CO service, picked up my went home(without fix!),and after I got home I see this!(I was soo trusted on these guys,I didnt not walk around my car for specs this time at service) CF plate damaged and bented plates and cracked bumper!? WTF thats a hand job,man made damage I see here! not an accidently fault,and my front lip cracked.
I called my SA about this damages over the phone when I get back home,he said he had those CF plates instock and will replace a new one.

I took my back car in 2 days ago,for subwoodfer and steering wheel parts came in to get it fixed and my bumper,plates,lip.1 day later which is yesterday AS calls he says
He needs the recipes for CF the plate frame. and told me my bumper was repainted due to pervious accident back in 2011. and cracked front lip.(which I got it all fixed) My car came in for service fresh and clean!
SO now this SA declined a fix on bumper and lip.and advices me take the car home(with fixed subs,and steering wheel and not sure it fixed right yet).
Now Im going to pick up my car tomorrow morning, what should I do? Guys,
I really need some help and advices from you all! thanks a lot for help!
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