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Originally Posted by HeartMD View Post
Today was actually gonna be our little dogs 9th birthday. She was pretty over weight as well. 8-9lbs over per the vet. PLEASE make sure that you look all over your place for any sharp objects or choking hazzards. If you live in a busy area make sure you look out for people that put crap such as rodent poisons on their lawn. We dont know the cause of her death as we didnt have an autopsy done. Iam going nuts with guilts thinking that she might have swollowed something that one of us dropped on the floor and maybe punctured her stomach. The vet said that little dogs are prone to developing obstructions in their stomach which can then lead to gangrene..
Thanks for your post and all the best to you and your chi.
Dang sorry to hear man. Believe me as soon as I noticed he was a scavenger I puppy proofed the whole house so he started chewing on the wood moldings (bitter apple hepls)