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Originally Posted by MP0WER View Post
I wondered the same thing, but now every time our new pup is playing with an old toy it just brings a smile to our faces.

We brought the big guy home and buried him in the back yard. He was mostly white so we got a large white quartz rock (110 pounds) and marked his spot with it.
Originally Posted by DemolitionJim View Post
sorry for your lose as well man.

i had to put my 13.5 year old pure bred german shepard down just about this time last year. had her since she was 2 months old. im an only child so she was like my sister growing up.

very sad thing to have to lose a pet, as they are a part of your family.

a buddy of mine got a call from his sister last summer and his sister said that they were playing in the living room with their one dog and it just dropped dead on the floor mid activity. he was pretty crushed about it.
Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
im so sorry to hear that
Originally Posted by jaco View Post
Sorry to hear, our family had to put down our 15.5 year old Jack Russell. It is a sad moment, every time I go home I miss seeing her and its been 6 months
Originally Posted by rallysport View Post
Sorry for your loss. My 3 dogs are my children. I hope it happened in his sleep and he didnt feel any pain. There was no way to know what was going to happen. RIP...
Originally Posted by Vic311 View Post
Sorry for your loss, hopefully she didn't suffer.
Originally Posted by bosstones View Post
This pretty much says it all. No matter how bad a day you may have had, they're always happy to see you when you walk through the door. Sorry to hear about your untimely loss.
Originally Posted by F1Venom View Post
It was until recently that I realized how much I loved my dog and how I'd miss him when he passed away. He was only 7 when he got ran over and Pomeranians can live up to 16. He was so smart, especially street smart but he loved chasing loud trucks whenever he knew we were around. It happened right in front of our house too.
Originally Posted by JLed79 View Post
Man that sucks. I'm sorry for your loss. I deal with death quite a bit with my profession as well, but the loss of an innocent pet can be completely devastating. Most of the time I like animals better than people. Im truly sorry. I know it is cliche, but getting another one quickly really does help. All the best to you and your family.
Originally Posted by Joekerr View Post
Sorry for your loss - pets are an amazing way to bring joy and happiness to your life, and its terrible when they are gone.

Still, as others have said, another pet will help - in my opinion, not right away, but in due time - maybe after a few months.

Dogs are great! I'm not much of a cat lover though.
Originally Posted by Nkc View Post
Sorry to hear. Dogs usually go off alone to die so don't feel that he/she was alone at the time, its just what they do. 8 yrs old does seem very young for a chihuahua but regardless of age, its always shitty. I've have many of my dogs pass in my lifetime and it often hurts more than a close friend or family member passing away simply because of the amount of time we actually spend with them and the unconditional love they give back. Its time to move on and for the family's sake, get another dog. I would also recommend that you adopt.
Originally Posted by Vanmarsenille View Post
I am sorry to hear that; your story makes me sad. Best thing is to get another dog as soon as you can.
Originally Posted by R Grubba Balls View Post
or just have a relative with a dog
Originally Posted by bumere90 View Post
Man, I totally feel your pain. I have a GS and he became part of my family. This is the thing with pets, you get so tied to them that you don't want to let them go.
I would go and adopt another pet, so that it will help you to forget.
Originally Posted by My335iTT View Post
x2 its not the same

RIP I know how it is brosif, pets are FAMILY.
Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
Sorry man. I've always dreaded the thoughts of a pet dying or passing away. They are family. Our dogs are little brothers to my siblings and I and nephews to my parents. A few years ago one of our dogs became very lethargic. He wouldn't eat or want to do anything. Usually he's energetic and runs to my dad when called. We were all worried and took him to the vets and all. I don't know what it was but after a few days he got better and returned to his normal self. We all love our pets dearly so I can only imagine how much it pains you. My condolences.
Guys thank you soooo much for your comments. I never could have imagined the amount of emotional support that all your comments have been to me. I find myself priviledged to be a part of a forum with such top notch people. I truely am thankful for everyone that has contributed to this thread and those that have shared their personal stories. The last 3 days have been pretty tough. Coming home from work and not seeing our little "lupita" waiting at the door just waiting to be petted is killing me. My 6 year old boy has particularly been having a hard time coping with this as she would sleep with him in his bed everynight since he could remember. My 3 year old girl just walks around the house calling for her "pipita" as she called her but my wife and I dont want to bring the subject up with her. I had my wife read through the thread with me and we both thank you all for the kind words and emotional support.
Iam looking for a nice picture of her to post here soon.
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