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Originally Posted by wilstave
This "Halo" car, as economically and environmentally unviable as it may be, is a necessary step for BMW...given the road of segment diversification its going down with its models. If it wants to hold on to the performance machine image it's built over the last few decades, they should build it.

BMW needs a new halo performance car. This could be it, but at a 300k sticker it might not sell well when compared to what else is offered in that range. Now of BMW only makes a few hundred units only, they will all sell given there is a lot of die hard loyalists who want it solely to say they have it, but if they are looking to conquest R8/Porsche 911 turbo S/MB SLS, this vehicle will have priced in the $160-$210k range.

Now if its a halo like the Porsche 918, that's a different story but they can't expect to win over a lot of conquests from MB/Audi. Plus if this does come out - BMW essentially won't have a sports car offered from $110k - $300+k which wouldn't event make much sense. Why offer a halo car when there isn't a version of it offered to conquest the other Germans...

My hope... V8TT for base model at ~$175k with i8 being closer to $300k range. Makes more sense IMO.