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Sorry about your loss op. It makes me worry, my little chi is a little scavenger and eats everything and anything that fits in his mouth I've had to jam my finger in his throat and pull small objects out. I pray he never chokes on something and suffocates or turns his stomach. I cant imagine losing my chi, hes so energetic and loving.

What was the reason if you dont mind me asking? my american bully is almost 9 now. i have her on joint supports and a pretty strict diet atm since shes 6lbs over weight, shes at 96lbs atm
Well, 8 - 12 is their typical life span. He was 2 months shy of 13 years old. At 8 years old he was about 105 pounds. At 12 years old he was 76 pounds which was great because he could still move around rather well. Some time between 12 yrs and 12 yrs 10 months he developed a tumor in his stomach which brought him back up to 96 pounds. The extra weight made it nearly impossible for him to move around. The day he couldn't make it out and back for the bathroom we decided it was time since he was too old for surgery.
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