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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
Ha ha. Classic.

Do you actually street your Pagids?? How do you stand the noise?
I do--they're ok at low (street) temps, just a little grabby. When bedded in, they're not that noisy. Then when you've been away from the track for a week or so they start to squeal. I put them in in April as track season starts, and run them all spring and summer, only replacing when they're worn. I take them out in November at the end of the season as I'm putting my winter wheels/tires on.
Originally Posted by track_warrior View Post
You should have seen the face on my Toyota service advisor when a caged track prepped FR-S showed up at their dealer on a race car hauler with a blown engine and i demanded warranty!
The car was sprayed with track rubber, on race pads, and still had the track day # sticker on the windshield lol.

Eventually, they covered it as it was an injector o ring that failed and caused it to lean and blow and my engine was pretty much stock.

Originally Posted by LiM3y View Post
BMW of Newport have been solid for me. The covered all the warranty items, filled it up with Ate Super instead of BMW brake fluid and changed the rotors twice. The said they were interested in seeing how the car holds up and glad to work on an M3 that gets run, rather than the garage queens they tend to see.

They caught me when I forgot to clean the bottom of the running boards! D'Oh!
Lucky! That dealer is a keeper!
Originally Posted by FormulaMMM View Post
This is spot on. I've had no luck with service departments on this front either.

Front brake service called for in ~1300 mls for me. So last time I'm in they want to address that.

SA: "Did you want to take care of the brake service today?"

Me: "I have a front Stoptech big brake kit. Rotors and pads are good."

SA: "Ok, I don't know how we can just disregard the recommended service."

Me: "They're no longer original BMW brakes. It's an aftermarket kit."

SA: "I see. Your brake service light will be coming on soon."

Me: "So disable it?"

SA: Shocked stare. "Ooh. I don't think we can do that."

Me: "Ok. I'll drive around with the light on then."

Originally Posted by rabman5 View Post
My dealer offers free track inspections prior to track days.
Is that true?!?
Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
You folks have a warped sense of reality.

Reality is, people who track their BMWs are probably less than 1/10th of 1% of the population. For any BMW center to accommodate the likes of "us" above and beyond servicing their normal customers would make zero business sense. For service advisors to be TRAINED to manage the expectations of those of us who track? Makes ZERO business sense.

That said. I had a service advisor who used to track his E39. We had a great working relationship. When he left the dealership I was very disappointed. His replacement knew nothing of what these cars can really do in track, and some of the stuff he used to go above and beyond with for me, like flushing my brake fluid with what I bring in when I ask, without a question, were met with far more resistance than necessary.

But hey. Such is life. I got lucky with a service advisor. That luck was not to be repeated again since I've learned to do the vast majority of the maintenance work myself, and have found a trusty Indy mechanic to take care of what I can't.
You're right, but it is nice when you find a service advisor who is an enthusiast him/herself, and understands. Many of them, though, just follow the script and punch things in the computer. In the past at this dealer I've had SA's who are accommodating and great to deal with, one of which was actually a racer who was between sponsors/rides. But the turnover has been high lately, and now I'm dealing with brand-new people that I have no relationship with--kind of frustrating when you've been with the same dealer for 10 years, and leased 6 cars from them during that time.
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