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Sorry, I must not have made the situation clear. No I did not expect someone else to buy me new tires. The only reason I'm getting new tires is because the OEM tires are on a national back order and they couldn't get me one before July. They won't mismatch tires thankfully.
Regardless how the bulge was created, it is covered under the manufacturers warranty. GY offers a 12 mo unlimited warranty on tires. Road hazard or manufacturers defect makes no difference. (This policy has since changed. Tires purchased after November 2012 are now only covered fully for manufacturers defect and road hazard is pro rated based on tread depth)
The problem is that BMWNA has mandated that we the customers have to take it upon ourselves to resolve this and they will be no help whatsoever. Every other car manufacturere will take the car in, replace however many tires they need to and be reimbursed by the tire company after the fact, thereby keeping the customer happy and driving their vehicle. Instead of this logical approach, BMW is unwilling to help at all. They will not deal with tire manufacturers at all.
This is what makes no sense to me. They could have kept me a happy customer by doing the right thing and dealing with GY themselves, being that they decided to use GY tires in the first place, and then getting reimbursed from GY. The problem is not with the tire. Things happen. The problem is with BMWNAs stance on this and not being willing to provide any assistance whatsoever. If theire going to put these highly questionable tires on their cars they need to step up to the plate and deal with all those consequences instead of leaving customers out on their own.
Maybe I'm alone in that thinking, but to me that would be proper customer service.

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