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Dealer visits with a tracked car

I wish they had a special service lane/service advisor at BMW dealers to process M3s that regularly see the track. I brought my car in the other day for a leak from the differential. As I pulled into the service entrance, my Pagid yellows squealing like a garbage truck, the service advisor said, "You know your brakes are squeaking? Do you hear that?" No, why thank you, I had no idea. "They're track pads," I replied. "Oh," he said, and looked at me like I had five heads.

He then proceeded to do the walkaround, inspecting the car for dents, checking my tires' tread depth. He pointed out all of the track rubber marks on the front fascia and bumper--"See this? And this? And this?" Yep, yep, yep.

We went into his desk area. He checked his service computer and said, "It says here you're due for a brake service--pads and rotor check." This despite our discussion five minutes prior about the track pads, and him being a foot away from my StopTech BBK while looking at all of the tires.
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