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Originally Posted by Jive View Post
2) The front bumper is lower than most cars, so watch out for parking curbs and take steep driveways/inclines at an angle and slow!!!
This is the second biggest one for me. I always have to remind her, but I don't blame her. I mean, most people never have to think about bumps and curbs in their normal driving routine.

The biggest one (i.e. most frustrating) that I have to give reminders about, by far though is that even in D mode, the car isn't going to drive like her Rav4 or any other fully automatic car. She has a tendency to take her time going from the brake to the gas pedal. In the Rav4, this will get you off to a smooth rolling start going forward (even if you're on a slight uphill). In this car though, you'll immediately start rolling backwards if you don't hit the gas soon enough at a red light.