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Your spouse and the M

Before giving the keys over to your significant other, were there rules and procedures you told them to follow? When my gf drives, she knows she has to adhere to the following rules:

1) Take it easy until the oil is at or near 210 degrees F
2) The front bumper is lower than most cars, so watch out for parking curbs and take steep driveways/inclines at an angle and slow!!!
3) The rear wheels are wide, so be careful when parallel parking and for rouge curbs/islands when turning.
4) And finally, in parking lots, parks on the edges in a cushy spot to avoid door dings!

I am very proud of her when she takes steep inclines slowly and at an angle and i dont even have to tell her! Makes my day! I gave her the keys today for the entire day without my presence and i wasn't even worried one bit.

I unfortunately learned about rouge islands/curbs the hard way, curb rashed the RR making a tight right turn a few weeks after i bought her.
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