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Originally Posted by Wakka View Post
Every system I have posted has at least one open loop LC application, including my own. I've had mine for about a year and have had zero problems. I also didnt build mine myself though.

All that tubing running around all those systems = liquid.

As for price... well it can vary on a lot of things.

Radiator size, how many, how much tubing, water blocks, the pump, reservoir(s), ect ect. If you want it done by a company expect to pay big $$$$ for it though. I personally think its worth it though.
I purchased mine off It was called Domino something. Can't find it anymore, but at the time it had good reviews. I had it for about 3 years(?). Had 3 different settings on it, would usually use the low-medium (the top setting made A LOT of noise). But for $100 +/-, I don't really think it was worth rebuilding my whole desktop...the performance difference I currently have with my new build I don't really see vs. the LC I had for the older one. But, was probably some cheap crap and nothing like the pictures I am seeing lol. Those LC are probably like a couple hundred...and built to not fail
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looks like unicorn vomit.