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Originally Posted by NikB316 View Post
Wow where did anyone say this thread was cool? It is simply an informative thread for local people who may need a traffic attorney. Yeah I posted this thread to sound "cool". Sorry almighty ruler of what is "cool" and what isn't. Get that stick out of your ass, Mr. Cool.

The attorney has worked in several municipalities as a prosecutor which is awesome. . I have slowed down ALOT since my last offense in the fall. Was a big turning point for my driving to be honest. Can't afford to lose my license.

I've been driving much slower but you never know when you'll get a ticket for a speed which is hardly considered fast in this car - say 85? I drive 3k miles a month which is probably triple the average so I'm definitely exposed more. 90% of my commute is on the highway.

I asked Thomas for a recommendation in NYC for a friend and he said Martin Kron is the man to see. Was a former traffic judge in NYC. Can't beat that.

I'm in no way trying to brag about my driving or getting away with stuff. Anyone that drives a lot of miles, and even those that don't can benefit from knowing of a good attorney. In the past 70k miles I've got pulled over twice for speeding and they added extra tickets to the speeding violations because they felt like it. I'm not here crying over a ticket I rightfully deserved but I know when some of the additional ones are just BS. NJ is harsh with not having a hardship license available if you get suspended like most states do. Can lose your job and livelihood too easily.
Thank you. I went with Michael palumbo since he's more experienced with the courts in westchester and Columbia county, but i'll definitely note that for NYC.