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More than I asked for

Originally Posted by Hans Delbruck View Post
swamp, are you "calling me out" ? Well I guess I could clarify although I've been trying to avoid divulging too many details, for as long as possible... I just want to fit in around here. And I agree, taken in isolation, that statement doesn't make a lot of sense. The M3 is certainly far from a luxo-cruiser! But in our "stable" that's kind of where it slots in. Next to the buzzy high-strung S2K, the kit car-ish Elise, the chick-car Boxster S, the boy racer Evo, and the GT3, the M3 should make a very refined, luxurious car "with an edge" -- one that I can drive TO the track, and probably on it occasionally. I will drive the M3 to work sometimes, but my commute totals about 100 miles a day, over LA's worst freeways. So I stick my Evo with that torture. The M3 would get beat up and rack up too many miles. But it will be a wonderful change of pace when I do indulge and drive it to work! I've wanted a German V8 sedan ever since I bought a 528i 7 years ago and my friends had 540's. I just love the sound of a V8 - especially a German one. I don't really like "soft" cars - I'd get bored with that quickly - so I think the M3 will be perfect (as long as the steering isn't too light!) I've had my deposit down since May '05!

I am flattered that you would assume the P car is the wife's car. I assume this is based on my intelligent, rational posts here so far, under the name "Hans Delbruck"... That's what I want! To fit in like any other enthusiast, regardless of ehhhh.... "gender." Yes, "we" are extremely fortunate to have some nice cars. We have both always been car enthusiasts and we in fact met on a car club drive (we both had Boxster S's and he still has his) Anyhow, we both track, but he has a Radical SR3 and does an arrive and drive program with it. Right now I am driving his S2000 as my "track car" but I am planning to get an S2K of my own and weld in a roll bar and do some other track-focused stuff to it. I prefer the S2K on the track because it is fun and cheap! So that should explain my car choices and... maybe a little more. Like why "I'm not too technical" among other things...... Now shhhhh... forget you read this. I will likely delete it soon so I can remain "stealth"
Whew, that was a lot more that I asked for! I was just curious. It is not that you had me fooled in any way, you said explicity that the GT3 was the wife's car! I don't give a rat's a%% about gender or what kind of car someone drives. Your posts are intelligent and I enjoy your opinions.

I'm still not sure a 100 mi commute would beat up a car that much (even in LA) but it certainly would age it a bit faster than normal though. Certainly if the car is leased that'd be a big no, no. From what I've read it really sounds like the new M3 is amazingly comfortable (more comfortable than the 335i as we've heard in one place). EDC will only make things that much better. Great to hear that you plan on getting the new M on the track at least a little bit - that will be my plans as well. I don't envy you having to look at the Evo and the new M each morning and "have" to "settle" for the Evo.