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Originally Posted by dwells View Post
Personally, I think this car misses the entire point of the M3. What makes the M3 (especially the sedan) great is the fact that it's a practical, comfortable, luxury car that can also be driven spiritedly and tracked.

When you rip the rear seats out, toss in a roll cage, remove the comfortable and adjustable seats, block the trunk pass-through, etc., you've completely destroyed the practical, comfortable, and luxury aspects. I'm sure the car is great on a track, but the street usability has been destroyed. And it's not like it's an all out track car either - if it were, it wouldn't have speakers, iDrive, leather dash, needless alcantara everywhere, etc. And I get the feeling that this car isn't used primarily as a track vehicle.

I guess my issue is that it's form over function. At the end of the day, you have a car that is now less practical than a GT-R, likely slower, and I imagine more expensive. Is it prettier? Sure, minus the mirrors, interior trim and rear diffuser. But I feel the whole purpose of the M3, a vehicle designed from the beginning to be a higher-end and trackable (but still practical) version of a street car, has been defeated.

Just my two cents.
No offense dear sir but......Keep your 2 Cents.

BTW, those mirrors are INSANE......!
No, it's not new. It got 150.000+ miles on it