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Originally Posted by Merlosso View Post
I did mine similar to this. When you remove the ring from the M3 boot you'll see how the leather is folded over the ring and there are slots for the tabs. I made slots in the M5 boot for the tabs of the M3 ring, then I trimmed off the excess material. In the end it looked as OEM as it could be, though it was quite difficult to get the ring to clip into place. Once it was on it stayed on and I haven't had a single issue. I took pics but haven't had a chance to post them. I'll try and get them up tonight or tomorrow.

I'm local if you want some help. Just let me know.
thanks, it's still a bit hard to visualize. Can you please post that pic? thanks!

I'm also not doing the F10 M5 swap, I'm doing a F30 M Performance swap, but I imagine I would have the same issue, there appears to be a lot of excess material on the F30 boot and the M3 ring is smaller, so I'll have the same issue. I appreciate this.