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You see, it's the principle of the whole thing...
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Originally Posted by Longboarder View Post
Don, I don't think people are saying these features no longer work. They are saying that certain things (like WOT using auto mode) are so much harder on the DCT when you are supercharged running much higher torque values. The DCT is amazing, but much more fragile and needs to be treated this way or you are going to induce wear and perhaps blow clutches, etc.

If you don't want to change your mindset (i.e. keeping the DCT in manual mode), not using the "floorboard" method when launching from a stop, etc....then don't get a supercharger. It's that simple.

Hi Adam,

I only drive in manual DCT mode. My concern was being able to downshift as I described above. If I cant do that (pedal all the way down, pull the handle back) without it causing issues, then I might not be a candidate for a supercharger. Im not looking to dump the clutch and go. Im looking to quickly downshift and go! Can 6MT guys not go from 6th to 3rd or 4th real quick too? If they can do it, DCT should be able to as well IMO. Know what I mean?

If in auto mode, I would just hate for my wife to be driving along, peg the gas for whatever reason and it hurt the car. Thats all Im saying I have an issue with. The later is less of an issue to me. But I use the WOT, pull the paddle back every time I hit the onramp to the highway and I love it ever time!

Originally Posted by j2m View Post
I didn't know you could do this, I'll have to try it out.

Keep in mind, driving a blown M3 is a different world of power available at your fingertips. When going WOT, downshifting or trying to find the right gear is not near as important as holding the fuk on and hoping that you don't shit your pants. The level of power is just insane and redline comes so effin fast no matter what gear you're in.

Im glad I shared a DCT secret with you! I didn't know about it for a LONG TIME until someone showed me. If I wanted to downshift and go on the highway, it bugged the shit out of me to go 7-6-5-4 and go. At THAT TIME I would switch to automatic mode which would downshift to the lowest gear and sling shot me to the moon. Then a buddy showed me the DCT manual mode kickdown downshift and I feel in love with my DCT all over again. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Also... it sounds like I just need to go for a ride. The part where you said it just comes to effing fast might make off of this a moot point. Someone give me a ride!
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