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Originally Posted by ShopVac View Post
I sure hope they can complete in the ACC...Kinda like Wanny, even though he couldn't coach a game, he was a hell of a recruiter. Teams been down hill since. I usually try to hit 2 or 3 games a year myself.

Some things I just got for the tank last weekend....

LPS Galaxea coral...this thing is about 8 inches long.

SPS Horn coral...~ 5 inches tall.

And an Orchid Dottyback. He's just starting to come out of the caves (little timid moving to the display tank).
Wow thats a nice tank you got there!

Honestly I'm so happy Tino is no longer taking the snaps that I automatically believe we will play better. watching him play was like watching a train wreck in slow motion. He would have an ok game here and there but over all I don't understand how he remained the starter all those years.