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With all the mechanical bits installed. Time for the front splitter and spoiler.

I loved the Varis wing since I first saw it on Martin Ds car. I had to have it for this build. Its one of the larger wings that I think compliments the M3s lines better than most. I know big wings are not for everyone and I will concede that the wing is probably as much for looks (for me) as it is for functionality. I just love it. I combined the wing with a Challenge CF trunk which apparently is a first for the wing and made the installation difficult. I left the wing installation and painting to the professionals at West Coast Specialties in San Diego. Here is the outcome.

Spoiler2 by JMEllis, on Flickr

Spoiler1 by JMEllis, on Flickr

I wanted something functional that worked. However, paying the premium for the OE BMW Motorsport part that would eventually get cracked or destroyed did not appear logical. So, I went with the next best thing.... The RKP GT4 front lip.

I wanted a lip that would be held securely by bolts, not tape or glue. I wanted something that would resist the high speeds that come with track duty. I further secured the bolts in place using high strength loctite. Yes, getting the lip will be difficult but its not coming off unless its destroyed anyway.

Splitter0 by JMEllis, on Flickr

Interesting to note that BMW does not completely spray the bottom of the bumpers. You can just make out the raw PU underneath.

Bolts going on.

Splitter4 by JMEllis, on Flickr

And the finished look!

Splitter3 by JMEllis, on Flickr

Yes, its difficult to drive with this big lip. But careful driving and road planning has kept it looking nearly new.

Splitter1 by JMEllis, on Flickr

Time for the mirrors. This is actually pretty simple as long as you are not squeamish about pulling out interior panels. The mirror install will require removal of the door panel. However, you do not need to disconnect all the electrical bits. Just pull the panel off and set it on something (I used a cooler) in order to access the tweeter and mirror mounts.

Here are the mirrors going on.

Mirror3 by JMEllis, on Flickr

The mirrors and Puma logo are a homage to the BMW Motorsport RLL M3 GTs that until recently raced in ALMS.

Mirror2 by JMEllis, on Flickr

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