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Originally Posted by sylonien View Post
Thank you STi_traitor!

I feel a bit more comfortable doing it again after what happened last time.

I will try and film it though in case anything like that happens again and you guys can see what happens.

Originally Posted by CoolDude196 View Post
That'd be good if you filmed it, always wondered how to clean an engine bay properly
There really is no special way to it. If an engine was so sensitive to water then they wouldn't be where they are today. Just avoid heavy spray on the intake portion, the fuse boxes are covered so you can wipe those down then do a light spray on them. I go as far as spraying down my EDC components, heavy spray below the plenum and I have yet to have an issue with my car. The key is allowing it to dry off before heavy driving. You help your car more than anything by spraying the engine bay down. This allows for the hoses and plastics to last longer preventing the dirt from breaking them down.