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Saturday morning to save a few bucks, I got up early and spent about 2 1/2 hours prepping my car for Tom's arrival (washed & clayed). Around 10am he showed up as agreed upon, and he immediately started inspecting the vehicle with his flash light. After about 10 minutes with the car, he started moving his equipment into my garage. Once his stuff was moved in, he was off and running. One thing I can say about this guy is that he is a VERY hard worker. After making two passes cutting the clear, he started in with the polishing. This lasted about 12 hours (10am - 10pm). I would estimate he took an hour worth of breaks during the first 12 hours, stopping only to eat the occasional banana, use the restroom, and talk on the phone.

He was a very pleasant and friendly guy. I found the way he answered my detailing questions entertaining as he would tie in explanations with past detailing stories. This guy is definitely passionate about detailing. It was apparent that to him detailing is more of an art form than a means to making a few bucks. He lives and breaths this stuff.

After he was done polishing, he spent another few hours applying the Opticoat Professional coating. It was about midnight when he finally declared the car done. I should note, that it's not typical for him to spend that much time in one sitting on a car, but since he had vacation plans starting the next day I agreed to let him stay as late as it took to get it done.

I'm 100% satisfied with the work he did. Here's a few photos of my car right after he applied the Opticoat. I want to take some outdoor shots in the sun, but need to wait 7 days before I can wash her.

If your in the Portland area and need a pro detailer, don't hesitate to work with this guy. He's extremely honest, upfront, works hard, and is very meticulous.

Don't let his somewhat amateur website fool you...he's a pro.