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Test drove CTSV, M5, M3, and GranTursimo S

Currently driving an 08 M6 w/ tubi exhaust. Had an E90 M3 for 4 years prior. Loved the M3, really like the M6, but itching for something new.

excellent, connected steering! Reminded me of my E46 M3. Much better than the E90 M or my M6.
SOLID chassis, the car is very well built. Felt very solid.

Exterior is good looking but not great compared to M
No engine sound just a supercharger whine. pretty bummed out, thought it would sound like a rumbling American v8

2013 M5
nice looking
very comfortable, well built
smooth on the highway

no engine or exhaust sound! Waaay to insulated for a sports sedan. its more like a 7 series sport than an M car. Great if you're looking for a highways cruiser. I got back in my M6 and had a huge grin on my face hearing the V10 rev up to 8000 rpm.

Gorgeous looking
the SOUND. OMG. I love the sound of a Ferrari, and this V8 and sport exhaust is out of this world. Similar to a Ferrari California.

Interior is a little odd, some super nice materials some cheap stuff
Definitely a GT

The only car I left wanting more than my M6 was the Maserati. Holy crap did it sound amazing. Did I say it sounded amazing?

I was shocked by:

How well the CSTV drove, very connected steering and solid chassis
How lame the M5 was to drive, just DULL vs. the E60
How amazing the GT sounded, that will get my $$$$

Next up is to drive the 991 (haven't been in one yet). We'll see how that goes.
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