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Originally Posted by elm3 View Post
How many miles on your car? Your front wheel bearings might be a little worn out? If you know for a fact that your tires are good and your wheels balanced then I would lift one front side, grab your wheel at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock and try to move the tire. See if it has any play, it should not. If it does, either your bearings are worn or loose. That could be your culprit. Let me know if this helps.

There is 76,700 miles on it and the dealer said it's aligned and balanced but I believe it is the front tire and or the bearing. I will have them look at it again it shouldn't shake at all even at 40 mph which it does, it feels like its the tire or it's not aligned right.. I know I'm not crazy. Lol
Should I have them look at anything else since next month my warranty is expired? I don't know what is common to fall apart in these cars as it approached 100,000 miles.?