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Originally Posted by Alex07M3 View Post
Maybe you just wanted to plug that you paid your M3 cash!!
It was nice to be able to pay cash, but I did that only after clearing all other debts and working my ass off to pile up the cash in the first place. If I could not have purchased the M3 for cash, I would have purchased something cheaper.

I do appreciate the argument that my money could make more elsewhere, but I hate debt and still work my ass off to invest a lot with all my money going into that rather than still paying a portion in interest to a bank. I'm a control freak and prefer to control my income. To each, his own.

Originally Posted by xfirer1guy View Post
Another toy will not make you feel better. The older I get, the more money I make, and the less I want to blow. Im all about building net worth anymore! You'll be wanting to retire someday and spending now directly affects that date!
I do get the "Carpe Diem" argument, but I don't want to work for the rest of my life trying to seize the day, every day. I appreciate the notion that the less I spend now, cash or financed, on a depreciating asset the more I have later, compounded of course with interest which will be nice twenty years from now.

In the interest of continuing to advance the thread, I would throw at least some at paying down the car, or perhaps consider re-financing the owed amount to a potentially lower rate at a shorter term. $66 dollars a month is still $792 a year....

Either way, enjoy the E93, it is already a tremendous car.
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